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Mr. Henry Brading
Mr. Henry Brading

Henry Brading operated the Union Brewery at 451 Wellington St. in Ottawa from 1865. Fifteen years later the business was renamed to Brading Breweries Ltd. after Brading bought out his partners. The brewery land was expropriated in 1938 but operated under the O’Keefe label until 1956. The building was demolished in 1960.

Rumours persist of a lost underground train that connected the brewery to a warehouse across the street. The train is told to be sitting there to this day, awaiting discovery and an adequate museum budget for resurrection and restoration. Urban explorers — send us your photos!

Brading Breweries on Wellington, West of Baldwin Street
Brading Breweries on Wellington Street, Ottawa
Radio - Carabin - Un hommage de la Brasserie Brading
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Library and Archives Canada/PA-068062
O’Keefe Brewery, Toronto, Ontario